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God’s Vision Ministries obeys God’s mandate to build a Christian university. God has called GVM to raise leaders in every corner of Pakistan to witness and develop Jesus Christ’s kingdom amongst their non-Christian neighbors. God is bringing a great revival to Pakistan through biblical education for all believers and through Christian higher education.
GVM is seeking a charter
Please join us in establishing Vision University, the first accredited Christian university in Pakistan, dedicated to the minorities of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who face discrimination due to their faith, color, or ethnicity.

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The[MR14] [TC15] Backstory: How God Showed He Wants Vision University to Be Established

God inspired Kenneth Charles to start a seminary and now Vision University in this way:
After the Charles family began settling into their new life in America, a daughter received a scholarship to attend Oral Roberts University in 2016. After meeting Kenneth, ORU then offered Maria and their son Benny scholarships. Kenneth felt called to attend also, even though he did not know what God had in store for him. In November of that year, God revealed to him that he needed to start a seminary in Pakistan.
Oral Roberts University had just established the Global Learning Center, which required someone [MR16] [TC17] [TC18] to set up a facility to live-stream classes worldwide. He shared his idea with his wife, Maria, who encouraged him to take Benny and go to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Though he was unable to raise any funds for the project, Ken trusted God’s plan.
In May 2017, He learned of free classroom space in Pakistan with a capacity of 120 people. He still had no money but knew God wanted him to proceed. He went to New York in June to raise $47,000 for the trip and to set up the facility. He left with only $36,000 but remained faithful and traveled to Pakistan, believing God would provide.
During Ramadan, he and his son arrived in Karachi, making it challenging to accomplish anything because most businesses were closed.
To his surprise, the space he was given was an unfinished basement in a five-story office building. He saw this as God’s plan and remained steadfast in his faith.
However, after six days in Karachi, more was needed. Kenneth, Benny, and other church leaders embarked on an eight-day, 1700-mile road trip visiting 22 cities to strengthen, pray for, and train church leaders from the New Revival Fellowship. When Ken returned, there were only four days left before they returned to the USA, and something had yet to be accomplished in the classroom space. But then, miraculously, professionals started showing up, and over 30 people worked tirelessly around the clock to finish the space. In just three days, the classroom was completed. Ken attributed this miracle to his unwavering faith, saying that if Jesus could be raised in three days, so could the classroom.
The miracle did not finish; it kept on growing. From this beginning arising from faith and hard work, God directed him to establish Vision University, Pakistan’s first accredited Christian University. It is dedicated solely[MR19] [TC20] to the minorities of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who face discrimination that keeps them out of university because of their faith, color, or ethnicity.


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