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The Urdu Audio Bible

Unlocking Divine Wisdom: The Urdu Audio Bible” – In 2007, Kenneth Charles, our visionary founder, answered a celestial summons: to bring the Bible to life in Urdu, the language of over 650 million souls.

Eight relentless years, more than 10,000 studio hours, and a grand vision culminated in the completion of this groundbreaking project.
2015, Pastor Charles launched the audio Urdu Bible, igniting a digital revolution through a dynamic website and a Social Media campaign. The impact? Astounding. It has left an indelible mark across Islamic regions spanning Southeast Asia to the Middle East: 147 million social media impressions, 47 million unique visitors, and a devoted community of 7.3 million users. “The Urdu Audio Bible” is a testament to faith transcending borders, bridging hearts, illuminating minds , and enlightening minds.