God's Vision Ministries, Inc

AgapeNow TV

AgapeNow Television has the potential to bring the message of God’s love to billions of people worldwide, particularly those in the Islamic community.
As you may be aware, Islam is the second most prominent religion globally, with a staggering 1.3 billion followers. Surprisingly, this vast population has less than 500 universities, and the majority of individuals within the Islamic faith often rely solely on the teachings of their clergy and local mosques. This presents an incredible opportunity to share the profound message of true God and His boundless love through alternative means.
The Internet, live streaming, television, and social media have revolutionized how information is disseminated and received. By translating and lip-synching your teachings into some of the most widely spoken languages in the Islamic world, we can bridge the gap and reach hearts and minds that may have previously been untouched.
Here are the languages we propose to focus on:

Arabic: Spoken throughout the Middle East with over 400 million speakers.
Urdu: Predominantly in Pakistan and India, with over 230 million speakers.
Hindi: Mainly in India, with over 585 million speakers.
Punjabi: Spoken in Pakistan and India with over 122 million speakers.
Farsi: Used in Iran and Afghanistan with over 120 million speakers.
Sindhi: Found in both Pakistan and India with over 24 million speakers.
Pashto: Spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan with over 40 million speakers.


1. FARSI videos

2. PASHTO videos

3. URDU videos


These languages not only cater to the Muslim population but also extend to millions of Hindus and followers of other religions, including a significant Christian community. Your teachings have the power to bless and inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds.
AgapeNow TV, intricately designed, connects and uplifts 1.7 billion lost souls, leading them to embrace Jesus Christ and empowering them on a discipleship journey.”
We will translate your work sermon and Stream it on AgapeNow Television, an innovative platform that requires no satellite, cable, or dish antenna. Instead, it can be accessed through devices already in most people’s hands worldwide. AgapeNow Television offers various mobile apps, including those for Apple and Android, with the ability of CTV (Connected TV) apps; we are on ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Android TV, and Chromecast TV.
AgapeNow Television provides an entirely new way to engage with your expanding global audience. Users can keep up with your events, watch your video-on-demand content at their convenience, listen to your podcasts, view your live streams, and receive real-time updates through push notifications.
We invite you to consider partnering with us on this journey of faith, where we aim to bridge divides and save countless souls. If you wish to learn more about us and explore this partnership opportunity further, please visit our website and contact us directly.