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Name: Sitara Liaqat

Date of Birth: 11/8/2001

Location: Pakistan


My name is Sitara Liaqat, and I come from Rawalpindi. My father, Liaqat Masih, is a central figure in my life. I have three brothers who hold various esteemed positions among my family members. My eldest brother, Waqas Liaqat, serves as a Major in the Pakistan Army, displaying bravery and commitment in his role. Waqar Liaqat, my younger brother, works as an immigration officer at the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Lastly, my youngest brother, Fukraz Liaqat, contributes to society as an Assistant Inspector at the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF).
In terms of my own personal life, I am married to a wonderful man named Daud Ejaz, who holds the position of Excise Inspector. Together, we cherish a loving and supportive relationship. I pursued my academic journey and obtained a Master’s in English Literature. Currently, I dedicate my time to being a devoted housewife, ensuring the harmony and well-being of my household.
Although I come from a Christian family, I must admit that my knowledge about Christianity is limited. However, I possess a burning desire to delve deep into the true teachings of Christianity and uncover the boundless depths of God’s love. My ultimate goal is to share the transformative power of the Gospel with my generation and those around me.
As it is written, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.” This verse encapsulates the significance of laying a solid foundation of faith from an early age. I am determined to understand and embrace the true essence of Christianity so that I may be a guiding light for both young and old, leading them on the righteous path.
My journey to acquire knowledge and wisdom in matters of faith will enrich my life and equip me to inspire and educate others. It is my heartfelt desire to spread the message of God’s love, grace, and salvation to my generation, ensuring that they are introduced to the true teachings of Christianity. Through my words and actions, I aim to demonstrate the Gospel’s transformative power, igniting a flame of faith and hope in the hearts of those around me.
With God as my guide and the unwavering support of my family, I embark on this journey of faith, eager to deepen my understanding of Christianity and share the message of God’s love with unwavering passion and devotion.

Empower Futures of Sitara Liaqat

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