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Fukraz Masih

Name: Fukraz Masih

Date of Birth: 4/8/2002

Location: Pakistan


My name is Fukraz Masih, and I proudly bear the name Masih, which signifies my identity as a follower of Christ. I am from the Kamra district of Attock in Punjab, Pakistan. While I have experienced the loss of my parents, I am grateful for the blessings bestowed upon me as a Christian living in Pakistan. In my family, I have two brothers and a sister, and we support and uplift each other in our faith journey.
My vision for God’s kingdom goes beyond my desires; I yearn for His will to be done in every aspect of my life. My ultimate goal is to bring joy to God’s heart by faithfully obeying His commands and surrendering to His divine plan.
Through God’s grace, I aspire to establish the most influential ministry in the world. This ministry would serve as a means for new and seasoned believers to develop deep and intimate relationships with the Lord across all seven continents. I envision a network of ministers and branches that will continue to thrive until the glorious second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
To achieve this vision, I have set specific goals for myself. Firstly, I am dedicated to pursuing a comprehensive study of the Bible through seminary programs and diplomas and gaining proficiency in significant languages spoken worldwide. This knowledge will equip me to effectively communicate the Word of God to diverse cultures and communities.
Secondly, I intend to establish connections with authorities, governments, prominent churches, ministries, and fellow believers in different countries. By seeking their support and collaboration, we can obtain the necessary permissions and pave the way for our ministry to flourish.
Additionally, I recognize the power of social media as a platform for spreading the Gospel. I plan to reach a wider audience and share the message of God’s love and grace through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
I am fully aware that achieving this vision is only possible through the anointing and authority of the Holy Spirit. As Jesus stated in John 15:5, I can do nothing apart from Him. I take solace in the promise of Luke 1:37 that nothing is impossible with God. Therefore, I rely not on my strength or abilities but on the guidance and empowerment of the Lord Almighty.
To anyone who reads these words, I humbly request your prayers for my vision and ministry and the ongoing training and preparation that the Lord is graciously conducting in my life. Let us forever praise God for His unfailing love and boundless blessings.


Empower Futures of Fukraz Masih

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